Oct 30, 2011


PerfectionMakesMeYawn believes that dancing is good for humanity. It eases your mind and frees your soul.
At least that´s the way we feel right now.

Hip hommes

Photo: americanapparel.net
Photo: americanapparel.net
Photo: americanapparel.net


Photo: Bolon

Photo: Bolon
Photo: Bolon
Photo: Bolon
PerfectionMakesMeYawn never cease to marvel at companies that strives to find their way to develop their businesses and products, it's what this blog is actually about - development. One of these companies are the Swedish floor manufacturer Bolon that has been seen alot in the press lately. Bolon produces exclusive, unique and absolutely stunning floors made of woven vinyl. The technique gives the floor an organic character similar to textile. We would say that the finished product seems almost to be alive. Bolon has several different collections of weaves and also a wonderful palette of colours to choose from. PerfectionMakesMeYawn stepped on a Bolon floor  for the first time last week at the Architecture Fair in Gothenburg and we were blown away at once. The aesthetic appearance is really one of a kind. It's chic, it's uniqe and it's not just a floor...it's a feeling and an image of luxury! AMAZING!

Oct 29, 2011

Tick tock

Dominic Wilcox via Elle.no

All swedes...don't forget to turn the clock back one hour tonight..winter time is here...!!


Photo: Marie Claire Maison Italia
Just a great photo of a sleepy yet fun interior.

Photo feast

Photo: Terry Richardson

We like this dude, Terry Richardson. A fashion photographer who's famous for his daring and sometimes provocative photos. He has been shooting campaigns for big designers like Gucci, MiuMiu and Chloë. The above photos is from his web diary where he takes pictures of celebrities in his glasses. PerfectionMakesMeYawn loves the sense of humor and is thinking of doing a RIPP-OF when it comes to the photo wall at home. So watch out friends, we'll soon be at your door with a camera in one hand and a nice accessory for you to wear, in the other! 

Oct 28, 2011

What to wear to dinner this evening...?

One of these outfits of course! The color scale feels spot on and the accessories are fierce... The collection is Lanvin S/S10 but we think it feels totally right for this autumn as well. L for LOVE!


Picture it - Hay

Three of them on the wall would be SMASHING, filled with our favorite paper covers.

Local dealers

Novemb3r via by MCL
PerfectionMakesMeYawn likes local businesses and one we've recently stumbled on is the fashion distribution company called "by MCL". Located in central Gothenburg they distributes to different stores within Scandinavia, primary in Sweden. At this point they are representing six carefully handpicked labels with the aim to be the trustful partner that offer a mix of all-time-correct designs.

Novemb3r is on of the labels that "by MCL" distributes and their campaign really made an impact on us. The brains behind this Italian label is Paolo Capezzuolli, Antonio Mastrorocco and Rino Stilli. We fell for this brand thanks to their Western meets native american, ikat-fabric-kind-of-look witch they have going on in their AW11/12 collection seen below. As you already now, we've got the HOTS for for this style right now. Thank you "byMCL" for letting us in Scandinavia take part of these wonderful collections.

Oct 27, 2011

New in the family

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

A new best friend found it's place on top of the bookshelf in the bedroom. Made in less than an hour! 
We call that FAST ART.

Feeling creative today?

Photo: Home Traveller, Couch Sleeper, and Parawall by Anne Lorenz 

Well PerfectionMakesMeYawn did feel creative today until we stumbled on this girl... Her name is Anne Lorenz and she thinks outside the box.

Cartoon colours

Photo: Marie Claire Maison
So cool color palette! The nostalgic feeling of Super Mario or an old cartoon plus the lovely Verner Panton chairs gives us an enormous need-to-see-more-of-this-home-craving!

Oct 26, 2011

Ready for red floors?

Photo: Sköna hem

One of those days

Photo: via crissiefuller.tumblr.com
 Today we feel like a million dollar.

Early morning hang out...

Just figured out that dark, cold, autumn mornings doesn't have to be all depressing... Lighted candles in combination with some steaming coffee and a nice magazine does it for PerfectionMakesMeYawn...    

Oct 25, 2011

Smart seating

Photo: NJU Studio
Photo: NJU Studio
Now we finally know what to do with our chaotic collection of magazines.
So much more fun than head to the recycle bin!

Storage with colours

Bookshelf from Eames via Vitra

Photo: Marie Claire 
Photo: Marie Clare

Bookshelf from Montana. Photo: Boligmagasinet

H-iiii-g-h f-iiii-v-e in storage solutions!