Jan 31, 2012

Here we go again


Here we go again! Our dear friend Mrs. Safari Chair got chosen to enrich a "Due North" moodboard in the last issue of EST magazine. We've been in love in this type of leg-rester for a while now (as you can see here and here) and the love seems to grow stronger every time we run in to one of these beauties. 

A true superhero

Photo: Spencer E
Spencer E you are our male-fashion-superhero! These looks are beyond success. For further inspiration of high quality - give this guy a click or two, you won't be sorry. 

A secret hide away

All shapes of weddings are going on among our friends this year, top secret to seaside romantic. This of course triggers the little wedding nerve inside us. The first thing to figure out, right after "do I even want to get married?", we guess is the hardest, THE CONCEPT. Oh, there's more tons of fun and romantic ways to do this in. Well, one of our personal dreams would be to have a small ceremony with close friends and family in a rustic, romantic little hotel in the southern of Europe. Always pictured Tuscany in Italy but after stumbling on this little pearl, the Spanish Andalusia also feels like a H*LL YEAH location. The hotel is named Trasierra, click here to read more. Do you want to get married? Where and how would it be? Plz tell us! LOVE // 

Hang up

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Couldn't stop smiling after picking up these fantastic hangers at our local 2nd hand shop the other day. Pure happiness. Will use them to hang some large photos or maybe a cool cover in size XL. Yes, we are beyond excited to see them together with a nice black and white print. Can't wait to complete this project!  Well, we'll keep you posted about the outcome. 

Jan 30, 2012

The home of a Brazilian Collector / Dj


We have never had the chance to decorate the home of a collector but boy would we be glad to roll up our sleeves for this kind of challenge. Guilherme Torres are the architects who were trusted to do a make-over of the flat that Pil Marques and two of his friends shares. Imagine to organize, expose and find worthy position and surroundings for hundreds of toys and records. We will never ever complain about organizing our stuff at home again. We will just enjoy the result of them harmonizing and looking good. Promise! 

Grandma's crib

Fr.l: via, via, via, unknown, via
Grandma is hotter than ever before!

Jan 29, 2012

Share your heart

Adorable print found at Domestic. Yeees, we know. We shared it at Facebook the other day but it's worth showing again. A great statement deserves to be repeated! 
Hope you've enjoyed your weekend! We certainly did!

Rings and other...


....small things that we own, would be so happy if they could stay in a beauty like this!

Need some funky Marant soles

Photo: klick here

Like these ones! We love the Marants and want to run a round in these black and white or maybe red beauties this spring. 

Jan 28, 2012

What makes you cheer?

Tell us your reasons to be cheerful! The fact that it's Saturday reason is enough from our point of view.

Jan 27, 2012

The weekend mission

Can't wait 'til Saturday when fiiiinally it's time for some bookshelf-shopping. For about a year I've been thinking about how to store and expose books and cute novelties in our living room. The solution might be near now... Stay tuned for some results! In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! 

Jan 26, 2012

Fun at work - the recipe

Photo: via.
It's Tuesday and the weekend is still far away...a feeling that can make anyone want to run away and never come back. Luckily, we made this little guide for all you guys struggling against everyday-boredom-at-work.    

This is how to always have fun at work:
Find a beautiful desk, a fantastic chair and some fearless frames. Add a funky lamp, a birdcage and some of your favorite-fun-knickknacks to the desk. To nail the easy going/careless-fun feeling lock some colorful birds (made of china) in the cage and through away the key. Voila, you've got yourself a office place full of humor and personality! Giggle away!

More cravings

Oh man, the colors and the attitude of this yummy painting makes us fall like leaves in October. You'll find it here

Jan 25, 2012

High 5 - it's a 10

These groups of knickknacks makes us want to shake what mama gave us! Hands, skulls, an ear and some magic crystals. Yeah, why not!

Send some love

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn
Yes we know. E-mail is quick, free and very efficient. But! Receiving a handwritten card is so mush better up, isn't it! There is just more feeling to it! 


Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Finally the sloppy bathroom shelf at home has gotten some structure. Some flee market bargains and a pot from Granit became my little rescuers. 

Jan 24, 2012

Cute ceramics

Photo: Finnsdottir

We posted about the designer Finnsdottir at Facebook the other day. We like her collection AW11 so mush that we had to make an extra little tribute here at the blog to! Some of you already know that the cute candle holder Babushka is one of our favorites in the collection. We have a feeling it could become a true family member...You know like these knickknacks or interior details that you'll never get tired of...Like soulmates! 
To be sure not to miss great inspiration and tips like above, join us at Facebook. Press the blue F logo and come hang with us and our friends. The more the merrier, right! Looking forward to see you  there.

Chanel 2012

Stunning black and white photographies for the Chanel spring campaign. Joan Smalls and Saskia de Brauw looks skilled enough to join the gymnastic team in the Olympics this summer.

Jan 23, 2012

Favorite reading corner

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn
We're having an enjoyable Monday evening! Hope you do to!

In bed with Tatjana Patitz

Photo: unknown
Lovely simplicity in the home of Tatjana Patitz! 

Playful street art

Photo: via.

World class street art! This kind of creativity makes our hearts sing.

Peach pie

Photo: Carine Roitfeld via Fashionista , FuckYeahPink, Carl Kleiner,
H&M SS12, FuckYeahPink

A dear friend sent me a MMS with a spread she'd found in a magazine that screamed my name. Peachy, pink clothes and accessories filled the page and I just couldn't resist to do my own little pink board of inspiration.

Jan 22, 2012

Warming color #2

Photo: Anthropologie
Had to follow up the below Warming color post with this amazing bedding. Ah, aren't the ruffles fantastic and the color...yes, it's adorable! The combo makes us think about pretty sunflowers and sweet saffron, two things that makes our hearts sing. Let it snow outside, we couldn't care less cause' we got a warm, cozy feeling going on in here! 

Warming color

Photo: via. via. via.
A warming color palette - well needed today! Gothenburg is covered in snow and the degrees are sinking. Cozy or a pain in the a**? Well that's up to you readers! Enjoy your Sunday!

Pipe hype

For all you who's got a thing for industrial decor. Aren't these bookshelves super raw-licious!? The designer is named Katie Katzenmeyer and she has her own Etsy shop, Stella Bleu Designs, were you can find the above bookshelves among others. We personally would like one with the lightbulbs. It would be a really funky decoration with it's light...And who says the lightbulbs have to be white? Maybe red or, erhm, for sure for one of us...PINK!  

Jan 21, 2012


Photo: via.

Can you pic a favorite color? We certainly can't!
We tried and we can ensure you that it's impossible. 
So dear friend, save your precious time and enjoy your Saturday in a more giving way instead!

Jan 20, 2012

The Wrestling doll


We love him. Mr Wrestler doll is reaaally baad!

Floral energy

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Speaking of decoration. Never underestimate the power of the energy that flowers and greens brings to your home. We found these organic tulips yesterday, on top of the organic bonus, the farmer actually donates a certain amount of his profit to projects that plants trees in dry parts of Africa to prevent deserts to spread. Happy, Happy! Now we can get ourselves floral energy with good conscience!

Jan 19, 2012

Frame It

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

After a whole lot of arty inspiration in Barcelona, our walls at home feels pretty empty and dull in comparison. So now we're hunting for new cool pictures/photos/paintings/vintage frames to fill our homes with. This is a fashion magazine from the 80's that might contain something yummy for us to frame. 

Dibar Cafe

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn
Had lunch at this funky café, Dibar, right behind the Boqueria in Barcelona. Fell in love with the colors of the walls and the glowing lamps above the bar. The food then? Yupp, it was tasty! The Thai Fishcakes became our favorites. Maybe we can manage to make them at home...?! Well we might need to speak to our friend, the fish expert, Miss S how to solve it. 

Jan 18, 2012

Vintage cups

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Ran into the cutest vintage cups this afternoon ...Will probably regret that we didn't buy them! And the  fashion magazine à la 80's they where standing on was pretty nice as well.. *dooooh* 

Green glass

Photo: Via.

This door section with green glass is really like the cream on the cake in this sweet restaurant in Porto. 

Jan 17, 2012

Lucky like a four leaf clover

Photo: via.
Some days are better than others. Today is a top notch everyday-day! Quality time with near and dear ones, good food, planning fun activities and on top of that a great exercise at the gym (adrenalin is the shit!). Yepp, today we feel lucky like a four leaf clover. Such a cute quote, thx for sharing your fantastic creations Elsie!

Attitude under my soles

You got to love the speed and the attitude these shoes brings you while running.
Time to hit the gym!