Jan 17, 2012


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Oh, isn't it a certain feeling of pleasure waking up in your own bed after spending some time abroad? Having a cup of coffee in your favorite mug, going through the mail and maybe looking after you green darlings that probably are the ones that been missing you (read: water) most of all your friends and family. Speaking of green darlings...we saw this little DIY pot at the blog of Elise. She's like the queen of creativity, we feel performance anxiety when just typing her name. Anxiety or not, the pot is imperfect in an adorable way and we are absolutely in love it. It makes us want to go bananaz in style with the three "P": Paint, Pattern and Playfulness. FUNFUNFUN! We'll see if the outcome is worthy a post or not...don't hope for mush. Wish us and the pots luck!

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