Feb 29, 2012

That scarf


Isn't this the most gorgeous scarf?! There is for sure too few males who dare to ware this kind of oversized accessory in such a warm and uplifting color as this red! We adore you for this, Mr X. You are a true inspiration! 

Ideal for kitchens


We've been looking for some kind of retro-looking-designs for a while now to decorate our kitchen walls with. At the moment we got two old french pastry-posters that we adore but there are more empty wall area to fill. So, so happy to find the above! Cheeses found at allposter.com and the Vino is from Anderson Design Group. Like em'?

Feb 28, 2012

On a silver tray

Perfection Makes Me Yawn
The little silver tray and the two matching bowls are our latest flee market bargains. They have already served us at a dinner party where they made an excellent job as soya cups with guests gladly dipping their Gyoza in them.  Next time it might be at afternoon tea holding cream and sugar looking just as cute as last time and fill a the empty space that previously was in our dinnerware. Until then they'll be resting in the showcase in the living room showing themselves of as lovely decorations. CUTIES! 

Tuesday inspiration


It must be a true pleasure to work in this gorgeous studio, don't you think? We would, without a doubt, spend all our creative hours there.
Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Life begins...

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - N.D.W

Feb 27, 2012

Black framing



Black window framing has got the same enhancing effect on a room as eyeliner for the eye! It makes the window pop!

The wild wild vest


What to wear this week?! We would like to dress ourselves in this denim vest together with a maxi length, tight wool skirt and jump in to some clumsy high heels ! Go, go, go, let's run to the nearest vintage store and look for old jeans jackets, cut of the sleeves and decorate them as we were mad old punk ladies.

Feb 26, 2012



How many of you remember standing against the door post and trying to make yourself as tall as possible? Always stretching and longing for some additional millimeters. We do! And we just have to do have this ritual of measuring with our small ones as soon as they can stand... Ah, true nostalgia. 

Feb 25, 2012

It's Saturday!!

Perfection makes me yawn

...and we're waiting for the fun to start. To night we're celebrating friends of ours who recently got married! Hurry hurry hurry! 

How to always wake up with a smile


Got our self a good laugh finding this "Guten Tag" poster at Etsy. It's something with the German language that always makes us smile. Wouldn't this be the perfect first-sight, waking up in the morning? Maybe it's time to start decorating the bedroom ceiling?

Have a great Saturday, guys!

Feb 23, 2012

Evening company

By: Perfection Makes Me Yawn

Don't have the need for much more company than a colorful magazine and some traditional pencils tonight. Quality time!

Read today

"The random design language is now more sought after than the plain perfection."
These words are like music to our ears! 

Dining at Big Fish

Rustic, simple and welcoming. The restaurant Big Fish in Barcelona is for sure on the list for places-we-must-visit-when-we-are-in-Barcelona-next-time. Of what we heard, the food here is explicit!  

Feb 22, 2012

Our new friend Juliette

By: Perfection Makes Me Yawn

Got a new little friend hanging out in the bookshelf. And it's not just anybody - it's Juliette, a 60's vintage doll, sweeter than refined sugar. She is such a catch!

The crib of Kyleigh

via and via

The american model Kyleigh Kuhn defiantly got a cozy bo-ho crib! We guess that chic is as cool as her taste in interior details.

Feb 21, 2012

Hang up - Part II

By: Perfection Makes Me Yawn

Finally found an awesome cover in black and white to go with the wooden hanger (made a post about it here). You've been eagerly awaited Mr Usain Bolt and thank you, Ms Etiqueta Negra, for introducing us !


Shannon Blue

Got one of those days when we feel like going on an adventure...or at least plan one!

Feb 20, 2012

New babies - Part II

By: Perfection Makes Me Yawn

These fantastic cards were found in the envelope received last week
Lucky us!! Thank you once again Äduo!

Printed eye candy

Maria Hatling

Recently discovered this fantastic source of prints.
 London-based Maria Hatling makes beautiful, vivid patterns to be framed or bought as textiles. Got a strong craving for the print with the glasses! Yum!

Vera Wang


The AW12 collection from Vera Wang is a pure dream to us. The color palette is gorgeous - it's wearable without being dull or feeling like old news. (We will probably replace all the whites that are represented this spring and summer with a palette in Vera-style this fall.) And what about the garments? Yepp, they are as amazing as the palette. We love the partly sheer and see-through blouses plus the knitted bicycle trousers! Hey, everyday-favorites! Not to forget the silky socks that we are rather sure of finding in our grandmas drawer. Oh, they look fantastic in the heavy wedge heels. The collection of Vera contains not just beautiful colors and garments, she has also got that important ingredient called humor. Or what would you call the cut of trousers worn as small skirts or wide belts by the models? Innovative and fun but still of course really good looking! GOOD JOB Vera!

OMG you ARE beautiful. And your make up is really something we would copy-paste (if possible) at any time!