Feb 20, 2012

Vera Wang


The AW12 collection from Vera Wang is a pure dream to us. The color palette is gorgeous - it's wearable without being dull or feeling like old news. (We will probably replace all the whites that are represented this spring and summer with a palette in Vera-style this fall.) And what about the garments? Yepp, they are as amazing as the palette. We love the partly sheer and see-through blouses plus the knitted bicycle trousers! Hey, everyday-favorites! Not to forget the silky socks that we are rather sure of finding in our grandmas drawer. Oh, they look fantastic in the heavy wedge heels. The collection of Vera contains not just beautiful colors and garments, she has also got that important ingredient called humor. Or what would you call the cut of trousers worn as small skirts or wide belts by the models? Innovative and fun but still of course really good looking! GOOD JOB Vera!

OMG you ARE beautiful. And your make up is really something we would copy-paste (if possible) at any time! 

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