Jun 29, 2012

New in/on


Out, walking my new necklace in the sun...it feels great! Hope y'all are enjoying your Friday. We sure are! Counting hours til' vacation. Yeay! 


Wear your deco

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Jun 28, 2012

DIY Dress

Got a boyfriend? Got no dress to wear to day? This girl has the remedy for your outfit dessert. A totally fun idea how to transform a mens shirt into a chic little everyday-dress! Click here for some inspiration.
We will try this as soon as the weather allow us to, that we promise. Let's hope it will be soon. Damn rain! 


Nice light bulbs by Mercantile Rx. 

Last days at work

watch- Triwa, jacket - Mango, dress - Mango, cap - BikBok, shoulder bag - BikBok, shoes - Acne

There's just one day left before the vacation is here (JIIHOHOHOHO!). Let's round this season of with a really cute outfit. 

Jun 27, 2012

Time to re-pierce


I haven't worn earrings for ages. It was so long ago I hung something in my eras that I actually think that my holes has healed and can no longer be found. But finally I've got the urge back for the ear bling-thing! Just look at this pic. Simply adorable, DansVogue
 Hit me with the big needle! I want to accessorize like this!!


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Jun 26, 2012

Tie back birdie


Isn't this the cutest curtain tie back you've ever seen? We could definitely see it in a childrens-room as well as in a living-room. You'll find it here

Jun 25, 2012

Brad Goreski

The Coveteur goes Brad Goreski. We adore his bold choice of color on sofa and walls. 
Bravo, bravo, Brad! You're so brave!

Jun 23, 2012

Home projects


A kitchen renovation, re-plan a hallway, get some extra storage for toys, new carpets, dye a bunch of pillows, get some photo art for the bedroom walls. Gah, there is SO much we want to get done, too bad there is TOO few hours in a day to work with. 
The photos are from both our homes, the first one is showing framed posters from Sjöfartsmuseet. The second is from the temporary kitchen placed in the livingroom, while renovating the main kitchen. The third is showing a DIY-list with random paintings and books. 

Jun 22, 2012

Zoomed in

By PerfectionMakesMeYawn

More wedding pictures. This time with focus on mens details. A neatly pressed white shirt, dark blue linen jacket, a green bow tie to add some summer feeling and last but not least, a mans best friend, a heavy watch! 

Jun 21, 2012

Midsummer eve

Midsummer is here! It is such a beautiful period of the year here in Sweden. The best about it, according to us is the long, warm, bright evenings, no doubt. Add all the colors of nature, red strawberries, green grass, blue sky, yellow and purple flowers and you got the absolute opposite to the gray and cold winter. We are enjoying this season to the max! Tomorrow we will celebrate midsummer eve, with dear friends and a lot of "sill" (google it!).  
Have a nice weekend beauties!

Watch me!


Wow! Got a shape-n'-color-crush on this little tough guy.

Jun 19, 2012

Chair hunt

 I need to get me a new pair of chairs to the kitchen, that is under construction right now (read: chaos). Would give my right leg to get a hold on these ones. I'm in love and this time it's for real. Too bad that they already are sold. Guess my hunt must proceed. Wish me luck!


Jun 15, 2012

Strawberry dreams

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Swedish strawberries are one of the great things that comes with our short period of time worth calling summer. And it's not just the sweet flavor that makes us euphoric, it's the vivid color to. 
Need to get ourselves a big portion today...tomorrow can be to late.

Jun 14, 2012

Juicy juice

Fresh juice. Isn't that something you always should start a day with. Great color and a bunch of vitamins will always get you in a good mood. The last two days I've spoiled myself with a fresh pressed, cold glass of apple, orange, lemon and carrot juice for breakfast. Yum yum! It really feels good from the inside and out. So y'all can say HELLO to miss vitamin..Yepp, that's me!

Jun 13, 2012

Too big / Too small

Edie loafer from Vagabond. Like 'em alot. Don't like how they don't fit me. Major irritation being in between sizes. Gah.

A day to remember

By: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

We had the most amazing weekend celebrating a pair of our dearest friends becoming husband and wife. We are so high on love right now that we believe that it must be the answer to almost anything! *lovestruck sisters*
These photos are just a small selection of the beautiful/fun moments shared with our beloved ones. Stay tuned to get to see the decorations we made for the wedding dinner. 
Maja & Atta