Jun 8, 2012

No need for evening gowns

Didn't have the time nor the energy to dress up for the activities of this evening. A pair of teared, cropped jeans with a transparent everyday blouse worked fine with my new-found suede heels. Finished the look with a mismatch of bracelets. There is no need to wear a evening gown to feel nice, right! 


  1. I absolutely get what you mean,im forever just throwing on my cluttered bangles and hoping for the best!:D Lovely post, Lovely bog Followed xox

  2. Oh, yummy arm candy!
    Would've loved to see the whole outfit honey:)

  3. @Grandy XO: Thanx for your love! Glad to have you as a reader, sweetie!
    @Caisa: *lol* I'll promise you that I'll give you a whole outfit asap! XoX