Aug 31, 2012

Bday wishes

 With a birthday soon coming up, I'm now catching the moment to make an official birthday wish! 
Hrm hrm, Dear DEAR birthday fairy,
 For my birthday I'm wishing for the oval Korento serving plate, color white (or blue?..d*mn can't make up my mind!!), from Iitala.
Can you please swing your sweet little wand my way and bring me some china?

Wish completed...


Aug 30, 2012


It's been a long week in high tempo and I'm now taking a well deserved pause in bed with a magazine.
Just one more day of hard work and then the weekend's here! Sleep tight every body.

XoX// M

Hit by a baby

This is me, trying to look relaxed and careless, about 5sec after being hit by a little person crazy-running-and-screaming-like-a-burned-cat-on-crack with her trolley. You actually can see some fragrances of the crash here. The vehicle she was driving is in the lower left corner of the picture. The culprit had left the scene long before this photo was taken.

jeans/ Acne, top / H&M Trend

Aug 29, 2012

Turban time

Voila, the result of the task of the weekend, tie-a-turban! 

Aug 28, 2012

THE stiffness


Im seriously thinking of signing me up for some stretch-by-force program, if they exist.. Every other morning I wake up with the feeling that every joint in my whole body has transformed to a not very bendable material during the night...NOT very charming at the age of 28. So during my search for the perfect get-bendable-class I'll follow this girls exercise...EVERY least it'll get me limber enough to manage to get out of bed!    

Aug 27, 2012

Aug 26, 2012

Cool collab


"By" is a collaboration between Zara and the artist Aaron Moran shown in selected shop fronts in London, Madrid and Barcelona. The combination of the fair wood and the colors are just my cup of art!
Anyone who has seen the installations live?

x x
/ M

Got a thing for the bling


Oh, I just cant wait til' we got all the needed pieces for hanging this beauty in the kitchen. Need to extend the lamp chain and fix some electrical stuff (?!?) in the ceiling before we can enjoy it. To be continued!

Aug 25, 2012

Saturday night out


If we had a pair of platforms we'd wear them tonight for sure...

Have an amazing Saturday evening dear friends!

Wear your deco

via via

Aug 24, 2012

Fabulous Friday


We have had a beautiful day in the sun with our kids today. Ended up in a park, brought coffee and just enjoyed the amazing feeling of having the Friday afternoon off. Maja celebrated by wearing her new finding from Indiska (yes we know...we seem to be all nuts about Indiska and their collection right now).

The Pants, Por favor!

Wish we had these pants!

Aug 23, 2012

Source of inspiration


Ah, we are blown away by the photos and the story of the "design thinker" Clara Balaguer. You need to read the interview here.
We are inspired! 

Aug 22, 2012

Garance + Spade


This is a one of the result of the collab. between the blogger/illustrator Garance Doré and Kate Spade New York, a really REALLY cute blouse. We SO want it! You can find more adorable stuff here.

The loss of my life


Need to push for these shades! Found them on Zara, introduced them to my dear Mr. Right, lost them to him in one second...Now I need to ask him if I'm allowed to borrow them. It must be the worst mistake I ever made to let him get his hands on them. But deep inside I'm quite happy he found THE shades of his life.


Aug 21, 2012

We Love Our P's!


Worn and torn! Our best (foot)friends do really need a time out. But what could replace this miracle shoe? Walkable, stylish, tough and seasonal independent. If you, as well as us, are a parent.. read: 
SO damn practical!  You need to agree with us when we say that above features are rarely found all in one shoe. Could it be so that we actually just need to admit that we're addicted to these canvas creatures..? and embrace the thought of us being all manic and get ourselves an identical pair of the last once? We guess so!!..But hey, maybe we'll try a new color...


Aug 20, 2012

Dinner with BFF

This Saturday we had a fabulous dinner at Atta's place. We spent hours just eating, drinking, chatting all embedded in a whole lot of laughter. The pictures are parts of what became the table setting. 
Gosh, I just love that old candle holder...

Hope your weekend was as great as ours dear readers! 

XoX/ M

Aug 19, 2012

Vacation details


Fell in love with the outdoor drapes covering our balcony entrance in Sardinia earlier this summer. A typical detail that is beautiful in its original surrounding but wouldn't give the same feeling or impact in our flats at home. Dear little drapes, I miss you so much but I know that your happier hanging out in the Sardinian sun than freezing to death in Sweden.

Aug 18, 2012

Saturday and rain


What to do... Stay inside all day, maybe? 

Last days in sandals?


Got to spend the whole afternoon in the late summer sun with friends and family yesterday. Who knows, maybe we wore our favorite sandals for the last time this year. We are afraid that fall can be lurking right around the corner...horrible thought!
Enjoy your Saturday!

Aug 17, 2012

Wear your deco

via via

In love with brandy colored leather combined with optic white fabrics right now. Hot, hot, hot! 

My sweety

Embellished again...this time by my liquorice-look-alike-necklace. 
Sweet, isn't it?

// A

Aug 16, 2012



Got a honey-I'm-home-gift from my Mister Man the other day. He went to the capital of romance aka Paris over the weekend without me so I reeeeaaally needed a good treat. ;) Love the thoughtfulness, love the scent. I'm such a lucky girl. But the best thing of all is that He's home!


Aug 15, 2012

Coral clash

I almost ever wear color at work, usually I slip in to something really safe and monochrome.
But when still high on summer and vacation strange things can happen. Last week I stumbled in at the office wearing a coral colored blouse and bleached jeans. Casual, YES I agree, but still within the unofficial dress code that is going on where I work. It felt nice to hang on to summer although the vacations over, but I actually feel far more professional wearing you know, black...

WoW Weekday

Photography Martin Vallin, Styling: Samuel Drira

Lovely collection, photos and styling from Weekday AW12-01. The outfit with the knitted dress together with does cute socks is really a favorite! 

Aug 14, 2012

Retro rope

There is an awsome retro vibe about this bracelet from Mainsai

Aug 13, 2012

Paris Paris


Have I told you that I'm getting really loaded for my trip to Paris that Im going on this fall? I was so excited the other day that I just couldn't resist slipping in to this patriotic t-shirt from Weekday. The trip isn't actually a trip just for pleasure. I'm going there with my job to study housing for young people, maybe you could call it "soci-architecture".. Affordable and integrated residential in an attractive package! Doesn't it sound interesting?


Aug 12, 2012

Here we go again...


Yes, succeeded! You made us long for autumn within less than 10 seconds (the time that it took  us to scroll through your A12 campaign).