Aug 21, 2012

We Love Our P's!


Worn and torn! Our best (foot)friends do really need a time out. But what could replace this miracle shoe? Walkable, stylish, tough and seasonal independent. If you, as well as us, are a parent.. read: 
SO damn practical!  You need to agree with us when we say that above features are rarely found all in one shoe. Could it be so that we actually just need to admit that we're addicted to these canvas creatures..? and embrace the thought of us being all manic and get ourselves an identical pair of the last once? We guess so!!..But hey, maybe we'll try a new color...


1 comment:

  1. I thank you for your kind words real talk! I may take a break...start posting more quality photos and content...instead of just posting without much thought. Anyway, I love your boots...cant wait to see a full image.