Jul 31, 2012

Miss personality

We love when apartments aren't decorated in all white, pimped with all the pieces that everybody "just HAVE to have right NOW".  That doesn't tell mush of a personal story does it? But we really think THIS does. Somebody really had a life here, with stuff that means something to them. Our favorite piece in this home is the carpet hanging on the wall beneath the shelf on the second photo. Such a brilliant decoration move.

Jul 30, 2012

Rainy drama


D*mn rain! I couldn't save my new carpet from getting soaked yesterday, although I was covering it with my body and ran faster (almost!) than Usain Bolt from the car and home yesterday. Fortunately there was no harm done, the carpet dried and are now resting on my livingroom floor, poor thing, all that drama. I'll show you my new friend later this week! Now I'm heading out to get some paint for the shutters in my dressing room. Do you have any vacation projects to take care of this week?


Blueberry dream

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Gahhhh! Maja made the most delicious blueberry pie yesterday. It took us approximately 5min to finish it all. Heaven on a plate!! Hope you had a fantastic Sunday. 


Jul 29, 2012

A fashionista to be

by PerfectionMakesMeYawn
Today I've been reading fashion magz with my baby-g!

Jul 27, 2012

Shopping Yellow

bikini top / Weekday - tank / H&M
Been shopping some yellow pieces lately and Im madly enchanted by the color. What is your favorite color to wear this summer?

Jul 26, 2012

Sleep tight, live bright!

Messy beds looks SO inviting in photos but are a bit stressful in realty, don't you think? Anyway, we love the simplicity of this room. It feels like the owner of this bed has something far more fun and exciting to do than to make the bed. 

Words of today


Words of today.

Miss Spike

by PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Good morning guys! Met my new little spiky friend? I found her and a few other plants to take home with me from Ikea the other day. Unexpectedly, greens was the only thing I bought. 

Jul 25, 2012

New in

Photo: PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Yeahy!!! I think I made the bargain of this year! As I mentioned before I've been renovating my kitchen and got an urge to update my china. Found these stunning cups at Indiska and fell in love at once. (I fell even harder when I realized that the were on sale. Major discount!) Decided then and there that today must be my lucky day!


The b-friend sweater

Got the hots for this turquoise Lacoste sweater. Mahh, it got that fun 80's vibe to it that I love. Couldn't help my self to buy the same one but in three different colors as I found them in a near by 2nd hand store. Sadly, my b-friend fell in love with them to so now I have to fight him every time I want to wear them. 

Jul 23, 2012

Rainy day


Cushion chaos

Monday mood and Im about to take it all out on my pillow-park. Gosh, I really need to update it. There's about one out out of ten of the pillows in my sofa that I actually like. On the other hand I might be able to transform some of the sloppy ones in to something more likable. Time and inspiration is needed to accomplish that... Gah I need a crazy big dose of energy. NOW please. Big DISLIKE when you want to create something and just don't have the energy to do it. 

Jul 22, 2012

Longing for higher hights

Im so in the mood for dressing up. With that I mean dressing UP, big time. My poor heels hasn't been out for much fun the latest year and they are screaming my name from the darkest areas of my closet. I hear you dear lovers, and I miss you to, but Im pretty sure that you wouldn't appreciate the beach Im going to today anyway.... 



You just got pink'ed! 

Jul 20, 2012

Hale for Nothing - The Organic Beer

"Hale for Nothing" isn't it the smartest name and label text ever seen on a beer? And organic on top of that...! 
What a home run! 


A dangling little beauty is what we're sharing with you today. It is called "Cloche en bambou", just taste that! Adorable, isn't it? 

Jul 19, 2012

Army glam from Emilio Pucci

LOOKS - Emilio Pucci.  PRODUCTS - Sandals - Topshop, Scarf - H&M, Jacket - Topshop
An army attack delux is on at Emilio Pucci's Pre-Spring 2013 collection.  Big LIKE.

Jul 18, 2012

Old news


Rediscovered this pic on my computer the other day...can't remember were we found it but it made us remember how mush we adore fine rings. Gosh', aren't they heavenly cute? 

Jul 17, 2012

We heart pockets


What is it with pockets that can make a garment look so effortlessly chic? These shorts with draped pockets makes me feel like a million dollar every time I wear them. No diamonds needed..
Hope you'll have a fantastic Tuesday.


Jul 16, 2012

For the new kitchen


 As I'm going through a tough kitchen renovation right now (so tired of boiling my pasta in the livingroom), I'm really all about investing in some china to fill the shining new shelves with. Searching the net for some colorful goodies I fell madly in love with these bowls from the Swedish retailer Indiska. The bowls are a part of a collection made by the guest designer Sepidar Hosseini and is only for sale for a shorter period of time. Really need to get my hands on these before they are sold out!!! 

// Atta

Jul 14, 2012



 Today we're posting a simple little color-combo inspiration. Beige/brown/green with a hint of grey. Could go for these tones in a bedroom, indeed. BTW...we fell in love with that little wall hung fellow...is it Santa or just a random dude with a beard? Hmmm....it dosen't matter who he is...he rocks anyway! :)

Jul 13, 2012

Wanted this Week


Sardinia-Marathon-Pause. Just found these at the auction site Lauritz. Gosh I wish I needed them.

Sardinia 2.0

The most adorable blue facade in Palau. The cutest little flowers on our way home from the beach in Costa Paradiso. My beloved sandals, they were really in their right element during this vacation.

Jul 12, 2012

Back again

By PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Hi guys, you are probably the only thing that we missed during our absolutley FANTASTIC trip to Sardinia. We're back home again after a week filled to the top with hot sun, clear waters, good friends, delicious foods and wine. We couldn't wish for anything more of this vacation accept maybe one more week in this little paradise. Our cameras are flooded with pictures that we want to share with you. So these once you can see as a start of a Sardinian picture marathon! We hope you'll enjoy 'em. 
How's your summer running? Warm and smooth? Great to see you again!