Jul 12, 2012

Back again

By PerfectionMakesMeYawn

Hi guys, you are probably the only thing that we missed during our absolutley FANTASTIC trip to Sardinia. We're back home again after a week filled to the top with hot sun, clear waters, good friends, delicious foods and wine. We couldn't wish for anything more of this vacation accept maybe one more week in this little paradise. Our cameras are flooded with pictures that we want to share with you. So these once you can see as a start of a Sardinian picture marathon! We hope you'll enjoy 'em. 
How's your summer running? Warm and smooth? Great to see you again! 



  1. I can't wait to see the pictures! Sardinia is actually one my bucket list places I want to see.

    Quiet Luxury

  2. How FUN!!! So glad you had a great time!