Jan 16, 2012

Gasping for Iman

Today we're heading home after spending this fantastic weekend with our friends in the heart of Catalonia. Amazing food and drinks, a great soccer experience, heavenly architecture and some shopping on top of that. Barcelona is fantastic. There is so mush to see, feel, inhale and...buy in this town. We kept an extra eye on arts and random things to put on our walls at home but without success. So, that leads us to a non-Spanish artist, fashion illlustrator David Downton. Would love to dress our walls with some of  his work. Isn't the above portrait of a young Iman breathtaking? Want it, need it, got to get it! We promise you that this darling isn't the only piece we consider a MUST-HAVE...David has a lot of goodies in his portfolio. Anyone how knows if his art comes in bigger sizes? 

Enough art-talk...we are about to boarder the plane so we guess we'll see you guys tomorrow! 
Enjoy your Monday!

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