Oct 28, 2011

Local dealers

Novemb3r via by MCL
PerfectionMakesMeYawn likes local businesses and one we've recently stumbled on is the fashion distribution company called "by MCL". Located in central Gothenburg they distributes to different stores within Scandinavia, primary in Sweden. At this point they are representing six carefully handpicked labels with the aim to be the trustful partner that offer a mix of all-time-correct designs.

Novemb3r is on of the labels that "by MCL" distributes and their campaign really made an impact on us. The brains behind this Italian label is Paolo Capezzuolli, Antonio Mastrorocco and Rino Stilli. We fell for this brand thanks to their Western meets native american, ikat-fabric-kind-of-look witch they have going on in their AW11/12 collection seen below. As you already now, we've got the HOTS for for this style right now. Thank you "byMCL" for letting us in Scandinavia take part of these wonderful collections.

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