Dec 12, 2011

This is Faith

Photo: Call Me Faith
Words not needed. Love the mirrors, the color palette, the black mixers and the non traditional bathroom lamps! Ahhh we are in bathroom-heaven. You NEED to see more of Faiths work. Her designs are fun, stunning and Faith seems to find and communicate the spirit in all of her projects. 
This is SO in the taste of PerfectionMakesMeYawn!


  1. i love hand mirrors on the wall! also love a mirror in the midst of framed art - kind of like a self-portrait :)

  2. oh, and did i mention the lamps?! this stuff is so me!!

  3. @Pia: We do to! It's something about hand mirrors that reminds us about fairy tales and natural beauty! *good feeling*
    Oh, frame+mirror, that´s a great idea! *adding to our to-do list* :)

  4. Oh hello Pia and lovely blog sisters! So happy to see this pic on your sweeeeeet site. I love the mirrors too- and you know the best thing?! It's a secret so don't tell anyone :) They are attached with heavy duty velcro so you can pull them off and move them all around! All the Best, Faith

  5. @Faith: Ah, velcro! Smart! Love the idea. Our pleasure to have found your work Faith!!! Hope to see more of you here;)