Apr 4, 2012

Easter feaster

By: PerfectionMakesMeYawn
Tomorrow Easter is here! Yihoo! We really appreciate this mid-spring-holiday that always seem to pop up when you need it the most. Isn't it strange how spring some times can make you physically tired? Well, well a thing that makes you peppy is for sure a bunch of cute Easter eggs, like these once! Aren't they just super-folkloric-cute!  We haven't figured out what to fill them with yet though. Do you guys have any suggestions? What' do you prefer to find when you open your belonged Easter egg?

1 comment:

  1. Such cute eggs!

    I would fill one egg with chocolate and one with money... so that I could go out and buy myself a magazine. Then come home, open upp my chocolate egg and flip thru that magazine :) .... with a cup of coffee. aaaahh