Apr 7, 2012

Our Easter

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So what are you guys up for today? Guess the main part of you are going to dinner parties or parties without dinners... ;) Well, we had our Easter-fun yesterday! Good food, a lot of laughter and of course world class company. Life is good! Made a little Easter moodboard just to set the feeling of tonight...would do almost anything to get to wear an Dance it out bitch-tee like above someday. Such a statement, isn't it! 
Enjoy your Saturday cuties!! 


  1. Happy easter you two!

    And thanks for all the comments Atta, I loved how you said that you just "Got an huge urge for reading a FRESH magazine now!" ;)
    It's the little things in life that really counts and can make you in a good mood, like painting your nails :) care to show a picture?


  2. You are such a sweetheart! Will absolutely share a pic. Just have to give them a touch up first...a day at work and they are totally destroyed. :..(

    Enjoy your Sunday Caisa!